8 Bizarre Foods from around the World

The ickiest, wackiest, yuckiest foods from around the world that you definitely shouldn’t try! (or try, if you’re a mutant)

  1. Hákarl: This is the name given to decaying sharks that are fermented and are hung to dry out, for almost 5 months. It has a pungent odor and is not for the faint at heart; Andrew Zimmern described it in an episode as a “hardcore food” that’s “not for beginners.” Anthony Bourdain too, said that hákarl is “the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing” he’s ever eaten. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
    Hakárl From Iceland


  2. Kopi Luwak: This is among the most expensive varieties of coffee in the world, It is made from coffee beans that have been defecated on, by Civets, small mammals native to Southeast Asia. It even found it’s way into the Morgan Freeman film “The Bucket List”  (Image: CoffeeBeanExchange.com.au)
    Kopi Luwak
    South East Asian Kopi Luwak


  3. Casu Marzu: This one hails from Sardinia, Italy, it is a dish best described as sheep milk cheese containing live insect larvae. Although the larvae are only about 8mm long they can launch themselves up to 15cm when disturbed. All cheeses from around the world are full of germs and bacteria, but this really is the next level. (Image: geniuscook.com)
    Casu marzu
    Italian Casu Marzu


  4. Live Cobra Heart: It isn’t common, but it is certainly eaten in Vietnam, people think eating a Cobra’s heart will give them it’s strength. Cobras are beheaded, their heart is pulled out, cooked a little, and eaten. The odds of feeling it beat in your throat are very high. (Image: ahbing.com
    Live Cobra Hearts from Vietnam.


  5. Century Eggs: This Chinese delicacy is quail, duck or chicken eggs left in a mixture of ash, clay and salt for many months. The process turns the egg’s albumin turns to a jelly-like brown mixture, while the yolk turns into a green cream. Century eggs emit a powerful smell of sulfur and ammonia, and their taste is strong and complex. This definitely needs an acquired taste. (Image: mokkymok18.blogspot.com)
    Century Eggs
    China’s Century Eggs


  6. Sannakji: This one is served raw. The chef dismembers a small octopus before your eyes and seasons the pieces with sesame oil, if he can hit them that is, because many times they are still moving on the plate! We are still not sure if this dish is dead, or alive. (Image: chicagoreader.com
    Sannakji, from Korea


  7. Nakji: A lot like Sannakji, but in this case, the octopus is eaten whole. The tentacles on the octopus are known to stick to the tongue and mouth are a choking hazard. It requires really skilled people to cook them, since it is so risky, and dangerous, there are several deaths reported every year as a result. (Image: ning.com)


  8. Balut: This Filipino dish takes it too far on the gross-ness scale, it is a developing duck embryo, cooked while it hasn’t hatched. 17 day old eggs are taken so that they are less feathery and so that the bones don’t develop. Basically, it is eating an unborn duck that still in it’s egg. (Image: BizarreFood.com)
    Filipino Balut




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