10 Places for Dark-Tourism with horrific pasts.

Chills are what you get, if chills are what you seek in these horrific places from the past that have been turned into dark tourism hotspots. Dark Tourism, in its essence, is visiting places which are either considered haunted, or associated with lot of pain, and suffering, or even death. Here are ten such places you should surely check out if this fascinates you!

  1. Pere Lachaise Cemetery: The largest cemetery within Paris, at 110 acres, this one has 3 World War 1 memorials, however, neither the size, nor the historic monuments lure people here. For tourists, it is a fascinating place to visit because it is where a lot of famous people have been buried, to name a few, there’s Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust, Frederic Chopin, Moliere and Jim Morrison. The cemetery has attracted the most famous and successful people of their ages to be buried here.  (Image: Franck Champenois, planetpixel)


    Image: Franck Champenois, planetpixel
    Pere Lachaise Cemetery, in Paris


  2. Capuchin Catacombs: The catacombs or underground cemetery of Palermo, in Sicily (Italy) are a fine tourist attraction if you want to be locked underground with the dead. The last internment was a 2 year old girl who died in 1920, after which, no other person has been buried here since. The catacombs have lots of dead bodies in different tattered clothes, and some are even finely preserved. It was originally meant as a crypt for nobility, but soon was opened for the general public. (Image: The Telegraph, UK)


    Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo.


  3. Jack The Ripper Tours: The most popular serial killer of the 1880s, known to have terrorized WhiteChapel and have murdered prostitutes, often by slashing their necks and abdomen, Jack the Ripper has been voted to be the worst Briton in history. He was never caught, but there are plenty of tour operators that give “Ripper tours” taking you to places where the Ripper committed murders while enlightening you about the Ripper! This one is a must do for serial killer fans, or those who want a peek into British History. (Image: London-attractions.info)


    Jack the Ripper walks, cover the crime scenes of Jack, in Whitechapel


  4. Karosta Prison Hotel: Originally, this Latvian property was just Karosta Prison, it has been converted into Karosta Prison Hotel where guests can opt to be treated like prisoners, while doing so, they sign an agreement with the hotel, which means they will live in a room with iron bars and a toilet and nothing more, they will be insulted at will by hotel staff and will be made to clean things or do physical labor should they insult hotel staff back during this time. This sounds like a unique experience, more so because many prisoners here were shot in the head and the prison hotel is rumored to be haunted. (Image: Urban-review.com)


    Karosta Prison (And Hotel) in Latvia.


  5. Pompeii: In AD 79, Mount Vesuvius, a volcano in the ancient city of Pompeii erupted, literally causing the city to crash and burn. Within a few hours, life here, had no trace. It was again rediscovered in 1599, but now it is just a forgotten city, with ruins and burnt remains of dead bodies. Tourists flock here to see what life and civilization was like in 79 AD, and to see the remains of so many people, lying here since centuries. (Image: BBC.co.uk)


    Ash covered bodies, from Pompeii


  6. Okpo Land: This Korean amusement park was shut in 1999, after a series of fatal accidents. It is however, a place to visit, since the joy of an amusement park meets the horrors of abandonment. There is a hotel, scheduled to be constructed here, so you might want to try your luck before this place is wiped off the map. (Image: FinalGirls, Tumblr)


    Creepy Ducky, Okpo land, Korea


  7. Pripyat: This Ukrainian town fell victim to a nuclear disaster in 1986, the city was just 16 years old. It still is a radioactive zone so tours here are monitored and require special equipment. Pripyat tours are a must if you want to witness ruins, and get chills of a city that has been abandoned for years now. (Image: Farm6.Flickr.com)

    The horrors of an abandoned city. Pripyat, Ukraine.


  8. Aokighara: This Japanese forest is among the most horrific in the world, it is known as the “Suicide Forest”, The forest is exceptionally quiet due to it’s wind blocking abilities. The forest is known as the most popular place to commit suicide in Japan, it is worth checking out, especially since it is rumored that the spirits of the dead haunt the forest. (Image: AnneTrent.com)

    Aokigahara Suicide Forest


  9. Cambodian Killing Fields: The most painful and horrific sight in Cambodia, a reminder of the Khmer regime which led to the death of more than a million people in Cambodia, the killing fields were used by Khmer Rouge to kill and bury ethnic Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodians. Adults were killed using sharpened bamboo and spades, while their children were killed by smashing their heads against trees, the reason behind this was to not let them grow up so that they can take revenge for their parents’ death. (Image: Pommietravels.com)

    Bones of the dead, in Cambodian Killing Fields


  10. Auschwitz: The network of concentration camps built by the 3rd reich in Polish areas annexed by Nazi Germany show the most horrifying sights from the holocaust. It is said that 1 in 6 victims died here, from 1940-1945, a lot of people were either killed or were starved, or worse, used for medical experiments. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)


    Concentration Camps of Nazi Germany



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