10 Awe Inspiring Bridges around the World

The tallest, longest, most artistic wonders that man built to truly connect with the other side. These bridges are leaps in architecture, art and technology. They literally “Bridge the gap” (pun intended) between aesthetics and utility. 

Széchenyi Chain Bridge
Where: Budapest, Hungary
Opened in 1849, sitting as a suspension bridge on the Danube, it connected the two sections of the city, Buda and Pest became Budapest. Hungarian stunt pilot Péter Besenyei even flew upside down under the bridge in 2001! It was the first permanent bridge across the Danube in Hungary, it has even appeared in Katy Perry’s music video of the song “Fireworks”. Image: Daniel Cristian Maris, 500px

Chain Bridge
Széchenyi Chain Bridge, in Budapest, Hungary


Nanpu Bridge

Where: Shanghai, China

Known for its futuristic and innovative spiral approach, it’s designers brainstormed and worked with the novel idea to save space. When you can’t build out, build up! This cable stayed bridge opened to the public in 1991, and yet doesn’t have a bridge that matches it’s qualities. It sees a lot of traffic everyday. The game featured in the popular video game “Need for Speed”. Image: Jordan Winey, 500px

Nanpu Bridge, in Shanghai, China


Henderson Waves Bridge

Where: Singapore
Art meets utility in Singapore’s Henderson Waves Bridge, the bridge’s curved wooden “ribs” provide shelter from the sun to the pedestrians that walk across it every week. The bridge does look like a wave, hence the name. At 118 feet in the air, this is Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge. The bridge is lit up with LEDs daily, making it look even more beautiful than it is. Image: Andhi Priatmoko, 500px

Henderson Waves Bridge, Singapore


Magdeburg Water Bridge

Where: Magdeburg, Germany
This bridge in Germany is the longest navigable aqueduct in the world, it allows large ships to pass through, saving time, and resources. The sight of seeing a ship on a bridge is marvelous. This bridge spans the German river Elbe, and has been important to German business and development. Image: Wind Watcher, Flickr

Magdeburg Water Bridge, Germany


Øresund Bridge

Where: Malmö, Sweden
This bridge in Malmö, Sweden is unique, it’s shape is like any other, but it is part bridge, part tunnel. So it is on land, and under water! It connects Sweden to Denmark without passport checks. This 8 kilometre bridge and tunnel passes through the øresund strait, and is used by road and rail networks. The reason this bridge is part over and part under water is because they didn’t want to interfere with Danish airspace near the Copenhagen Airport.  Image: Cosmin Stahle, 500px

Øresund Bridge, from Sweden to Denmark


Chengyang Bridge

Where: Lizhou, China
Among the most beautiful pedestrian bridges around the world, it opened in 1916, the builders didn’t used nails or rivets but dovetailed thousands of pieces of wood. The artistic appeal of this bridge is such that Guo Moruo, a Chinese author even wrote a poem on it. It is untouched by modernisation, since it is connected by 2 villages, thats another reason to check China out!  Image: Khanh Nguyen, 500px

Chengyang Bridge, Lizhou, China


Charles Bridge

Where: Prague, Czech Republic
This iconic bridge in Czech Republic is a must see, you have probably seen it in the very first Mission Impossible movie! It looks stunning in the night and is a spot for couples to take pictures on. What makes this bridge special is it’s age, it opened in 1402! The bridge is lined with 30 gothic styled statues. Image: Andreas Thierschmidt, 500px

Charles Bridge, in Prague, Czech Republic


Helix Bridge

Where: Singapore
This Singaporean bridge is made to look like the helix of DNA, it is lit up with LEDs at night, adding to it’s artistic charm. Opened in 2010, it is a must see when you visit Singapore. At 280 metres, it was made to compliment the area nearby, such as the Marina Bay Sands resort. The bridge, like Henderson Waves, is lit up at night and the stainless steel bridge almost immediately comes to life. Image: Retha Tahir, 500px

Helix Bridge, Marina Bay, Singapore


Millau Viaduct

Where: Millau, France
It stands at an incredible height at 1,125ft tall to become a modern marvel, the Millau Viaduct in France gives the best views, even the feeling of driving in the sky when the fog is beneath it. Ever since it opened in 2004, it has helped countless people travel from Paris to Montpellier. One of the piers of the viaduct is even taller than the Eiffel Tower.  Image Credits: bart, 500px

The Millau Viaduct, Millau, France

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Where: Kobe, Japan
A modern engineering feat, the Akashi Kaikyo has remained the world’s longest since 1998. It stood a true test of strength even before it even opened, it survived the Kobe quake of January 17, 1995. The bridge has the longest central span of any suspension bridge in the world. Japan has always delivered with innovation and technology, this is a clear example. Image: Moaan Photography, 500px

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in Japan

Other favourites in our list are : The Golden Gate Bridge ( San Francisco), Brooklyn Bridge (Newyork) , The Bridge of Sighs (Venice), Stari Most (Bosnia) and Pont Du Gard (France) and the Tower Bridge (London)



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