5 Youngest Nations of The World.

These newbies to the world have been welcomed with open arms, after so much of struggle and strife, blood, gore and tears, they’ve finally found their place. It is time the rest of the world checks them out. Before you embark on your journey, know this, it is not always safe to venture into “newly” created or recently contested territory, but it is not always the case. Please plan a trip to these places carefully! 

Here is the list of 5 of the world’s youngest nations.

Timor Leste (2002)      Where: Southeast Asia       For: Beachbum 

Timor Leste or East Timor was declared independent, after being previously under Portuguese and Indonesian Colonial Rule until 2002, It is among the newest countries of the world. It has some beautiful beached and is known for diving.  Since it is relatively “New”, it doesn’t have flocks of tourists travelling here, so it attracts non-mainstream divers. Travel is also really economical here. Best time tim visit is July to September.  Images: Christopher Newley

We found Nemo, In Timor Leste
We found Nemo, In Timor Leste

Serbia (2006)       Where: Europe       For: Altitude Seeker, History Buff

Having split from Montenegro in 2006, Serbia is less than a decade old, Serbian mountains attract a lot of tourists, both locals and foreigners, Belgrade too is a popular destination for those that decide to visit Serbia. Serbia is again, not frequented by many tourists simply because its overlooked due to its more neighbours (Croatia for beaches, Kosovo for churches an Montenegro for scenery). But if you like to be the only person to check out the world heritage ruins of Gamzigrad,or eat in the lovely cafes of Belgrade, then this place will surely appeal to you.  Image : timetravelturtle

Deserves place in any itinerary to Balkans!
Deserves place in any itinerary to Balkans!

Montenegro (2006)        Where: Europe        For Altitude Seeker, Outdoor sucker

Paired with Serbia till 2006, this country too became independent after the split. After losing its popularity due to violence and strife in the 80s, Montenegro is putting itself back on the travel map by marketing itself as a luxurious destination. It is situated south of Croatia. Despite its small size, Montenegro offers great diversity and abundant natural beauty, mild beaches, clear lakes, gorgeous mountains. This little country combines features of both the Balkans and the Mediterranean. Best time to visit is April to September. Image :- Fedorova Julia

Quite town !
Quiet town !

Kosovo (2008)         Where: Europe     For Culture Vulture

After years of struggle and strife, Kosovo has been declared independent, effective from February 2008. It fought gruesome wars and is finally free, it produces both red and white wines which one ought to sample! Kosovo in terms of  tourism however, isn’t yet established, partly because they are focusing on stabilizing themselves, and partly because there are still questions being asked about the safety in visiting Kosovo. Visitors will find an energetic mix of Balkan bazaars, Ottoman architecture and a quaint centre filled with the chatter of cafe conversation. Prizren and surrounds are also home to several churches and Ottoman-era mosques.  Image : Christian Michel

Decane Monastery !
Decane Monastery !

South Sudan (2011)     Where: Africa   For Wildlife Enthusiast

The latest member to join us on Planet Earth, after having been declared independent in 2011, South Sudan is an African nation with rich history of war, self governance and culture. Oddly enough, South Sudan’s civil war didn’t have that grave an impact on it’s wildlife, which means we can thank our stars for still having brilliant flora and fauna to witness. This country is yet to capitalize on it’s tourism industry and potential, but will be a hit with Wildlife enthusiasts as soon as it does! It boasts the second largest migration in the world. Image : Roberto Bombardierie

Storm is coming !
Storm is coming !


Word of Caution :-  Please do check for travel advisory before planning a trip to all these places.

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