Beautiful Natural Pools of the World

We bring to you, our pick of natural pools, around the world, the way they are meant to be.  Tiled swimming pools with chlorinated water are passé. They may have an infinity edge or a great ambience but  will not create memories or inspire stories. Don’t miss a chance to see these places! If you are a water baby, you will surely love these natural pools. Take a dip, admire, or just let your feet dangle in.

The Devil’s Pool
Where: Zambian Victoria Falls.            For: Friends, Solo Traveler

This is a natural pool which is dubbed the “Most dangerous natural pool” because it is a pool (as the name suggests) that flows into a waterfall from a great height. This natural infinity pool requires you to be careful, but doesn’t compromise on the fun! It has been given the name of devil’s pool because you never know when the current increases, or there is a rock chute that may lead to grave and unfortunate events. Either way, it is a sight to behold.  Image: Fabien Lemoine

It’s known as the devil’s pool for a reason, don’t fall into the abyss below!

Sua Trench
Where: Samoa             For: Couples

This ocean trench in a Samoan village (Lotofaga) is a magical getaway for couples. It is in a lava field, has crystal clear waters and is not too deep either. The people of the place take around $15 to let people enter, but it is worth it. What caught our attention was the beautiful ladder that leads down to the trench, it is as though the ladder descends into heaven, where we’re greeted by sparkling, blue water.  Image: Daniel Gong

Samoa’s treasure.

Dudu Blue Lagoon
Where: Dominican Republic          For: Friends, Family

This beautiful pool in the Dominican Republic is what reignited our faith in magic. Gleaming blue water, surrounded by rocks, and what matters here is not the size or depth of the pool, or it’s surroundings. What matters is the fact that you can have loads of fun here! It is the typical hang out spot that you probably went to with your friends, just the way they show it in the movie “grown ups”, jump of rocks, mess around, have a good time, that’s what the Dudu Lagoon is all about. Image:

Tat Kuang Si
Where: Laos      For: Family

A popular attraction for visitors of Luang Prabang in Laos, Tat Kuang Si is known for it’s Jade water and pristine environment, a good visit for families, and flocks of tourists in general, the Tat Kuang Si is a natural pool you should definitely take a dip in! Most of the travertine pools are open to swim in, but one is closed as it is considered sacred. It is also well maintained with walkways so you don’t feel disconnected even when you relax and unwind here.
Image: Drew Hopper

Travertine pools of Tat Kuang Si.

Where: Greece             For: Solo Traveler, Couples, Friends

This Greek natural pool in Thassos is hidden away from the world, and is difficult to reach too, so you’ll hardly find tourists here, it takes dedication to get here. The green water of the pool and rocks within make it a unique sight, it isn’t even very deep.
This is one of the perfect places to find solitude or sip wine with your partner.
Image: Evgeni Dinev

This is real, no kidding. Emerald waters exist.

Cenote Ik-Kil
Where: Mexico     For: Friends

This site in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and is used for Mayan rituals, however, it is also open to people. There are black catfish found here, it is a pool with walls around it, so people can choose between going through the stairwell or diving in from the top! Another favorite for couples and “Thinkers” in general, this one is our favorite.  Image: Anthony Shane

Yucatan’s popular attraction, for tourists and locals.

And a sixth one, this one has been featured in so many places so we chose to write about the lesser known ones, but it is beautiful. Turkey’s Pamukkale is a collection of travertine pools on stunning white rocks, this is a hot tourist attraction, and deserves a mention in our list!
Image: Aleksandra Bandomir

Travertine pools have an otherworldly charm to them.


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