5 Crazy Extreme Sports that’ll earn you bragging rights!

Yes, those very things you saw in Fear Factor, or The Amazing Race, you can do them too provided you’re looking in the right direction (Don’t look down though!). This article is an inspiration for adrenaline junkies around the world, who are tired of the traditional run-of-the-mill adventure sports. These experiences will be unforgettable, if you live to tell the tale! Here is a list of five crazy extreme sports, for those who want it more!

Via Ferrata
Where: Mostly Europe, Italy, Germany and Switzerland in particular

Italian for Iron Road, is a hugely popular activity with pre marked tracks found in the Alps. The essence of a modern via ferrata is a steel cable that runs along it’s route and is fixed to the rock on intervals. Climbers can secure themselves to the cable, limiting any risk of falling. Since it is safe, but intense, it makes for great experiences for both inexperienced and seasoned mountaineers.
Image: Johan Axelsson

Via Ferrata in Switzerland

Where: Wherever you can tie a rope between two ends, but the most popular are Brazil and the USA

The circus trick has now become an extreme sport, all because a thrill seeker found the courage to do it 3,000 feet in the air. Slacklining is based around a simple concept, that takes ages (and many falls) to master. The idea is to walk from one end of the rope to another, the rope is taught at two points far from each other. To make it extreme, increase the height!
Image: Cameron Gardner

Slacklining in Utah, US

Crocodile Bungee
Where: Anywhere with a certified extreme sports tour group, our best bet is Zambia and Australia

It’s like bungee jumping, except, below you is a swamp and crocodiles waiting for a treat should they be lucky, and you, unlucky. 

Hugely popular in areas with crocodiles, it is rumored that on an unfortunate occasion, a crocodile actually caught a jumper. However, the sport is generally safe. Naturally, and without much guesswork, this is limited to places with crocodile infested waters.
Image: Haim Ravia

Bungee in New Zealand

Volcano Wingsuiting
Where: South America, another well known example is the Kamchatka Peninsula volcanoes in Russia

Wingsuiting is jumping in a suit which lets a person glide through the air, if you have seen Transformers 3, you probably know what we are talking about, jumping from a height, into a volcano. There is literally no other “extreme” way to feel the heat! It feels liberating, say the people who have tried it, you should try it too if you want to fly. This is the extreme way to live your childhood dreams. The photo is of a normal wingsuit jump, imagine that, with a volcano!
Image: Perie Phillippe

WIngsuiting in France

Cliff Diving
Where: There’s a lot of places around the US, Australia and even a few European places with stunning views to compliment your dive, the best however is in Ireland, where the Red Bull cliff-diving event takes place.

This one is simple, doesn’t require equipment either, find a cliff with a deep water body below, muster courage, breathe. Jump. Personally tried this one, I closed my eyes while jumping, while in the air, you feel like its taking way too long for the water to hit. I was so excited to succeed the first time I ended up doing it twice!
Image: Isac Goulart

Cliff Diving in Hawaii

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