Airports Where You’d Want to Arrive Way Before 3 Hours!

You read that right, there’s hardly a time, when  you enjoy long airport queues, breathing treated air, eating stale airport food and buying outdated books and substandard souvenirs. These 5 airports however, are going to change that perception of airports.  They are tourist highlights among themselves, and most importantly, they have things and experiences that will make you arrive way before 3 hours, so that you can experience them, and claim that your adventure started as soon as you landed, and didn’t end till you took off again.


Incheon International Airport
Where: Incheon, Korea

This Korean airport, like all things Korean, is futuristic and fancy.
What makes it unique? Other than the extensive duty free options, they have a brilliant sculpture of “Flying to the future” that greets you, it is an energy efficient sculpture and runs on wind and sunlight; then they have 8 gardens (yes, flower gardens) within the airport each having different species of flowers, and an observation deck to catch a full view of the airport.
However, what caught our eye was their event calendar, Incheon airport has concerts scheduled every now and then and they have a year round “Korean Culture Experience” program so  that you can experience Korean music, art, food and culture as soon as you arrive.   Image: Myungsu Jang

Incheon Airport, Korea

Munich Airport
Where: Munich, Germany

Winner of The Best Airport in Europe (2014) title from Skytrax, the reason behind this is probably the plethora of services this airport has on offer, ranging from entertainment for kids to direct connections to ski in the alps. They have a visitor’s park where you can even play minigolf, probably the best way to pass time waiting for a delayed flight. The visitor’s terrace on the other hand gives a panoramic view of the runways!

For travelers on round trips, they can even “Shop and Store” what they buy, which means they can purchase something on departure, and pick it up, on arrival.  Image: Lothar Heller 

Munchen Airport

Changi Airport
Where: Singapore

Singapore’s airport is without a doubt, the best! The moment you see it, you know there’s something inside, waiting for you.

It caters to people of all ages, and is full of things to do, here’s a brief list of the few things you can do to pass time: There’s a playground, an arcade gaming center so that kids never get bored, and while they’re busy exhausting themselves, you can recoup. There’s a forest themed indoor playground, and indoor slide, gardens, a studio for musicians and even a movie theater! All this, in addition to a selection of gourmet eateries and a big range of brands to shop from! It’s not just meant for people to depart and arrive, it is a prime hangout spot in Singapore!  Image: Toeshe

Changi International, Singapore

Tokyo Haneda Airport
Where: Tokyo, Japan

The airport is among the most frequented in Asia, it has a hotel and  while this one might seem like any other hotel, it isn’t, this one is special for those who love to travel with their pets, because Tokyo Haneda has a pet hotel! Among many things you can do to pass time, there’s an observation deck, 30 normal and 22 duty free shops. Tokyo may lack space, but it knows how to make the best of what they have, like the Japanese prefer, the airport is simplistic, but meets any need one may have at any given time. Image: Alienizer Photography

Tokyo Haneda, futuristic, simple, wrapped in one.

Heathrow Airport
Where: London, The UK

This is the world’s third busiest airport, when it comes to the number of passengers that fly in and out of here on a yearly basis. And it won’t be for no reason that Heathrow has managed to cement its place as an iconic airport, the services on offer here are a sign of true British standards of service. If splurging was the one thing you missed out on, fret not, the airport has more luxury brands than coffee shops ranging from Alexander McQueen, Bvlgari to Ferragamo and Zara, they literally took shopping from A to Z here! If you schedule 48 hours before your departure, and arrive well before time, you can be shuttled from one terminal to the other with your very own personal shopping assistant.
They even have live performances from musicians at Café Nero. Other than that, get a massage or just watch the world take off from here, this place is literally the one where you will begin and end your Great British shopping adventure. Image: Hector Yep Lona

British Airways everywhere!


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