A Guest Post on Portraits of Indian Women

Here at Happy Tripping, we have been trying to stir things up, finding more ways be it mainstream or offbeat, to inspire you, our readers, to travel; What better than having Photo-Travel-Blogger Siddhartha Joshi do a guest post on portraits of women. He shows you 5 pictures of women, in black-and-white photography, each with a different story around her.


Women are intriguing photography subjects, they are the muse of the artist, they show grace, beauty, and emotion and as they age. Like the finer things in life, they get better with age. I have been photographing woman across the world over the last five years or so, yet there are none more beautiful than the Indian women. The following is a photo-essay on “Portraits of Indian Women”, comprising of five images, from a very young girl on her way to school in Ladakh to an old woman selling household utensils in a market in Ahmedabad. My hope is that each portrait will speak more than the words, even if their stories remain untold.


Portrait 1: I do not know her name, but I met her as she was hop-skip-jumping on her way to school with a bunch of kids in Lama Yuru, Ladakh. She had the widest smile, despite early morning school!

She's the one that left Monday Blues behind
She’s the one that left Monday Blues behind

Portrait 2: This was taken at the Tarnetar Festival in Gujarat a couple of years ago – I could only click her candidly as she walked through the crowd selling gas filled toys. She hardly spoke and there was an inherent sadness around her.

portrati 2
There’s nothing more painful than watching someone sell toys when they should be playing with them.


Portrait 3: This one is an image of a lovely woman who was visiting Pushkar Fair with her sisters. I clicked her as she stopped by a local flea market shop and surprisingly she gave me a smile as soon as she saw my camera.

portrait 3
Women have always had a special connection with a camera lens

Portrait 4: Here’s another shot of happiness, pun intended. On being prodded by her other female friends at the market, she even sang a lovely Gujarati song for me!

portrait 4
Smiles say way more than captions ever will


Portrait 5: I consider this one of my best portraits, not just because of what can be seen, but mainly for what can’t be. I met her on a Sunday morning at Ahmedabad’s flea market where, despite her age, she was sitting in the sun without a cover and selling plastic household utensils. The lines on her face told me many hidden stories.

portrait 5

I was not always a portrait photographer; do read about my journey into becoming one on my blog. Its been quite a roller coaster life!

All of these images have been clicked on a DSLR, but have all been edited on a mobile phone. With the fast moving world, mobile editing has become extremely useful not just for travel bloggers and photographers, but almost everyone else as well. Read my tips and tricks on using mobile phones here.


Siddhartha Joshi

Siddhartha is the author of the post above, he was responsible for clicking these great images and describing them, Siddhartha is a designer, traveller, and a travel blogger who loves people more than everything else. He derives his passion from interacting with the people for whom he designs products as well as from the people he meets during his travels. He is extremely passionate about inspiring the world around him to travel more, as he truly believes that only travelling can break barriers and make us more tolerant and accepting of our differences. He hopes sometime in his lifetime, there would be a world without visas and boundaries!


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