Speaking from Experience: Tips for Concert Goers.

We all have been going to concerts for the past few years, since the international music scene in India has exploded, people have been spending on such experiences. Especially, with the likes of Sunburn, and VH1 Supersonic constantly raking in, developing, and showing off new talent.


Globally, dominant festivals like Ultra Music Festival, Sensation, Electric Daisy, Woodstock and Tomorrowland, are the large scale social gatherings that unite hundreds of thousands of people who dance to the rhythm, catch the beat, and are mesmerized by the DJ “pushing the buttons of happiness” , some great words by Carl Cox (Veteran Techno DJ)


Everyone is fundamentally there to have a good time, but things do get ugly at times, here’s a few tips from a an experienced rave-monkey (The Author) to keep things going without skipping a beat, I will quote from my personal experiences, that if you follow these tips, there’s hardly any concert you won’t enjoy!

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  • Wear Comfortable Clothing: I’ve been to local and international festivals, and the one thing I know is that the energy is always high, forcing you to jump! and I have seen ladies in tight dresses, and men in tight pants not being able to join the crowd precisely because of the uncomfortable clothing. Now I’m not an advocate of skimpy or scanty clothing but the lesser layers you wear, the more you can jump around, shorts and a t-shirt are always safe bets, they work for both guys and girls, and if you feel adventurous, why not break into a costume? Remember, it’s not how you look but how you feel that counts.


  • WEAR SHOES: When I tell you to wear less layers given the heat, and the inevitable suffocation, the only exception should be your feet, unless you want to come back with gangrenous, broken nails because people kept stomping on you (accidentally and unapologetically) A nice pair of shoes can save you lots of pain, post the adrenaline rush.


  • Learn a few dance moves: It always works to your advantage to know a few dance moves, you’ll get bored with your hands constantly up in the air while you jump, a little bit of shuffling, the robot and what not can help you break the monotony, your moves might even get you to in the aftermovie!


  • Know the songs: Don’t get hot on my trail now, I know it isn’t fully possible to know or predict each and every track that’s going to be played, but keeping up to date with the latest hits, a few old ones, and the artist’s own music will only make you enjoy more, imagine yourself feeling blank when everyone roars the lyrics around you, you sure won’t want that, would you?


  • Go with an open mind: You will see a few things that don’t go right with YOUR perception of the world, like a little bit of public affection, nudity, drugs and what-not, but it’s all part of the experience, the magic lies in soaking up your differences and being united by the lights, the sounds and the good vibes around you.


  • Embrace P.L.U.R: I’m talking about the concept of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect (PLUR), putting it simply, it’s about being good to everyone, loving them, and not messing around with anyone, in the temple of bass, everyone is equal.

Time for the don’ts, festivals and concerts are about finding your footing, feeling liberated, so there’s hardly any do nots, but there’s always “the things you’d rather not do” and those are what I’ve listed here.




  • Judge: Don’t judge anyone, no matter how weird their attire, or how offbeat their dance, this works as life advice too.Unlike a lot of people in my peer group, I’ve been to gigs alone and enjoyed them just as much, so everyone is different and you should respect that.


  • Force yourself on to people: We get it, you’re a front row fan and just neeeeed to go forward, that’s cool, but pushing people, swearing your way and fighting to get ahead isn’t. Find an open spot, walk to it, repeat; it’s much faster and less violent.


  • Annoy People: I’ve been going on and on about being free and doing what you please, but annoying people doesn’t serve you right, don’t force anyone into drugs, drinking, don’t get physical with anyone (unless they’re willing), and most importantly, DON’T eat into other people’s space. If you’re a person who likes to dance with lots of space, stay at the back, it’s a personal choice, because I can see the whole crowd and lights and the DJ and the whole set-up in front of me.

Think about this, the best photos of any concert don’t come from the front row, do they?


Having said that, there’s one last thing I strongly discourage,


  • Live it through the phone: Wanting to relive such crazy nights is understandable, so you’ll probably take a few photos and videos, to show them off on Instagram and Facebook, or you’ll keep them to yourself, but no excuse can make up for the experience you’re losing out on. Living through your phone is a waste of time, waiting to click the perfect image, looking at the concert through the camera screen, constantly checking phone power all seem like tasks that don’t take more than a second but in reality, they waste lots of those magical moments you could have seen from your very eyes instead of a screen.


Speaking from experience, I used to record full concerts, then I learned about burst mode, clicking lots of pictures in split second, then I finally grew to the point where I prefer seeing the event from my eyes as opposed to my phone’s. If I had to attend such events from a screen, I’d watch them on YouTube.


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