Must-Have Travel Apps for the Indian Traveler

In a world addicted to smart phones, our lives are governed by those thin devices. And apps on smartphones help us navigate the world around us, and find our comfort zone. In a strange city, the lack of control over the course of things can be frustrating at times. Simple issue grow to gigantic proportions… where do you catch a quick meal, is the flight on time and if you’ve switched off roaming, how do you reach your destination! But the solution is surprisingly simple. Happy Tripping has curated a list of the most convenient, easy to use apps that’ll simplify your travel experience, even if it is within your own city!

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Food Apps

Don’t bother to carry those theplas in your bags because these apps will change your dining experience. You can choose to try something exotic, search for comfort food or go completely local. These three apps will ensure you don’t go hungry!


Zomato: This is literally the go-to app for everyone who likes eating out. It has a huge list of restaurants, sufficient information and photographs to give you a good idea. And Zomato allows you to rate and review places, make wish-lists and even interact with the restaurant management through the comments tab. This app works within India as well as a growing number of countries such as the UK, Canada, Slovakia and Turkey.

Available Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. Download Here.

TravelingSpoon: If you love interacting with people and sampling local dishes, you will love this one. TravelingSpoon is about traveling off the ‘eaten’ path, and the concept is really simple. You set up a meeting with a local host at their house or a mutually convenient location, and they cook you a meal! You could choose to go desi and find that Indian abroad, or go really local. And what better way to experience a city than to eat at local’s home! What’s more? You can book not only a meal, but also a cooking class and a market tour. This app is going to redefine travel for foodies.

Currently available as a Web App; with reservation options across many countries in Asia and even India.


HappyCow: Vegetarians rejoice! This app finds you vegetarian and vegan options around the world. No more fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner when you travel abroad. HappyCow has a huge database—35000 listings to be precise—and users can add to it too. Be rest assured that you won’t eat anything you’d rather not!

It is available for iOS, Android, Win7, Symbian and even as a WebApp. Download Here.

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Navigation Apps

MAPS.ME Pro: So you’re super excited to go on your next international adventure, your bags are packed but there’s one problem, you don’t know how to read a conventional map, and you didn’t get an international mobile data pack. Do not worry, throw Google Maps out of the window, and download MAPS.ME Pro. This app has offline maps of over 100 countries. With their offline navigation feature, you’ll never be lost again, even if you’re on airplane mode. Just ensure you download the offline map before leaving India.

The only catch, it isn’t for free. You have to spend just US $ 5 to avail all these features. Trust me, these 5 Dollars will save you way more than activating international roaming.

Available on iOS, Android, and Blackberry. Download Here.

City Guides

The TripAdvisor City Guides: Sometimes, an all-in-one app doesn’t make the cut; you want more details focusing only on one destination. That is why you should give the TA City Guides Apps a shot. These apps are available as offline guides, what makes them special is that unlike the stock TripAdvisor app, these are crafted for a single city and as a consequence, are more detailed. You can even drop pins and navigate to them in the offline mode! From Mumbai to Miami and everything in between, there’s a TA City Guide made to make your life full of local experiences from sightseeing, nightlife, food and drink, and the best accommodation. Added to that this app is easy to access, and sheds information on the transportation systems and unsafe neighbourhoods too.

Available on iOS and Android. Get it Here.


AudioCompass is the app that’ll save you the pain of haggling with a tour guide. The App boasts of audio-guides filled with dialog and effects for over one thousand places in India. It aims to add to the sightseeing experience, and we vouch for it too. Plug in your earphones, forget about the rush around you, and take a stroll. You’ll find yourself experiencing the place in a whole new way.

Available on Android and iOS. Download Here.

Trip Planning

WorldMate: WorldMate is your best friend when it comes to managing your tickets, bookings and reservations. It works on a simple system. You forward them an email with your travel details, which is automatically used to update your trip in the app. It shows a detailed flight itinerary, offers hotel booking and car rental options too!

All your car rental receipts, hotel booking and flight emails are displayed in an organized fashion, it shows you the weather from your origin to destination, your flight details, PNR, layover time, seat number and everything else that is relevant as you shuttle between destinations. The level of detailing is brilliant. And for the social media buff, they even let you link your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

Available for Android, Windows and iOS. Get it Here.


World Lens: Should you ever need a translator, World Lens should be the first place you look. It is an augmented reality translator—whatever text your phone camera sees, this app will translate. It currently works for English, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese. Simply point your camera at the text, and watch it get converted into your preferred language. The app doesn’t give 100% accurate results, but it’s still worth a shot. It’s easier to use on the move than Google Translate and there is no need to spend on data.

This one works offline, and is available for the Google Glass, Android and iOS. Get it Here.

Camera Apps

Sphere: For all those who don’t carry DSLRs, here is a camera app with a twist. Forget Instagram, and whatever else you’ve been using. Sphere is a Point of View camera app, which takes photos and creates a spherical photograph out of them. Basically, the photograph is a 360 degree image of what is around you, with you as the centre point. Leave Panorama, wide angles and all that jazz behind, and give Sphere a shot!

Available on iOS and Android.




We’ve gone on and on, and on about apps but we aren’t advocating traveling with your eyes glued to your phone. Even though these apps will help you on the road, traveling is about learning on the fly, and you can’t do that if you leave nothing to chance. Traveling it about stumbling through experiences and trying to uncover yours. Ditch that parasitic mobile, engage with the sights, sounds and smells and try to travel phone-less. If travel could be done via screens, we’d pay our airfares to YouTube!

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