Meet the Judges of the Contest – Dilip D’Souza

The Happy Tripping Contest is open and it is very simple for each of you to win. All you need to do is write about your trip and you could be off on another luxury holiday—all expenses paid*.  The idea of this contest was to help each of you find the storytellers hidden within. The top three winners go away on a luxury holiday for 2 nights & 3 days, with return airfare*.

As writers and travellers, we’ve been at the receiving end of shoddily organised contests. We wanted this Happy Tripping Contest to be fair and transparent. With that in mind, we have three external judges, each of them a writer, traveller and storyteller. And each brings in a great body of work and experience to be able to judge your entries and ensure that only the best storytellers win.


Introducing Dilip D’Souza – journalist, activist and author.


Dilip D'Souza


Trained in computer science (BITS Pilani, Brown University), Dilip spent years in software. Then he tried writing. He has won several awards (Outlook/Picador prize, Newsweek/Daily Beast prize, Wolfson College Press Fellowship, etc) and has written for Caravan, Hindustan Times, NYT, Newsweek, etc. He writes on mathematics for Mint. “Final Test: Exit Sachin Tendulkar” is his fifth book. Home is Bombay, with wife Vibha, children Sahir and Surabhi. Cats Aziz and Cleo rule.

He blogs at Death Ends Fun, but has been rather irregular, sadly. Catch his tweets at @DeathEndsFun.


The HT Personal Connect: 

I attended a travel writing workshop run by Dilip D’Souza at the Lit Festival in Mumbai more than 2 years ago. In those short two hours, I learnt a very important lesson from him and let me share that with you today. Every place, city, monument or experience has been written about a million times, and in a way, there is nothing new that you can say about it, except, bring in your perspective, colour it with your bias, well almost! And that is what makes each travel piece unique. This lesson came to me at a time when I was stumbling and wondering how to find my voice. This small piece of wisdom is something I will carry with me always.

As each of you set out to write your pieces, I have just one suggestion. Let your personality flow over the story, embrace your perspectives and see how the story changes and takes on your flavour. That is what will make your post stand out, get noticed and even win. Find yourself and then show us! All the best.


*Conditions Apply. Read contest article for Terms and Conditions.

Photos supplied by Dilip D’Souza.

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