Meet the Judges of the Contest – Chhavi Sachdev

Today we are introducing our second judge for the Happy Tripping Contest. Like you know, all it takes is for you to log a trip at Happy Tripping and you could stand a chance to be one of the three winners of an all-expense* paid trip to a luxury hotel in India. Yesterday we introduced Dilip D’Souza. And today we have the inimitable Chhavi Sachdev, a displanted desi (as she calls herself)!


She is a traveler, reporter, producer, and editor who finds herself drawn always to regions unexplored, stories with quirks, and chocolate. She last worked at a travel startup, melding her love for nonfiction and audio, for three years and has since branched out into textual consulting. When she’s not working (and, sometimes, even when she is) you can find her plotting her next journey (25 countries and counting), baking, or making mix tapes for friends. She’s a science nerd, animal slave, wine snob, and action flick junkie.

You can find her at or on twitter @chhavi.


The HT Personal Connect: 

Chhavi is the first editor I worked with. Here are a few of her tips I still carry with me. She demanded simple sentence structures that are easy to read and smooth on the ear. Snip, snip, snip to all those long clauses, complicated sentences that go on for an entire paragraph. She loves to prune down the extras, like all editors you might say, but she manages to let your spirit remain. I’ve never finished a piece feeling that my voice was lost somewhere between the multiple versions. And her best tipread your writing aloud! She does specialise in writing for audio, which it can be argued is different from writing to be read, but I  think reading your piece aloud helps always. I, for one, get so caught up in the dance of black & white letters arranging themselves on my screen, I find myself unable to step back unless the article is read aloud.

So, to each of you writing in for the Happy Tripping Contest, read your piece aloud. Multiple times. And then read it once more time. Edit, re-edit and then edit it again.


Photos supplied by Chhavi Sachdev.

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