Meet the Judges of the Contest – Supriya Sehgal

We’ve introduced you to two judges of the Happy Tripping Contest Dilip D’Souza and Chhavi Sachdev. We have our third and final judge, the charming and generous Supriya Sehgal.

Her twitter handle @supsonthemove might have something to do with the fact that Supriya is on the road for more than 250 days in a year. Her solo wanderings for the last ten years have resulted in several Lonely Planet guidebooks, articles for leading travel publications, scripts for TV shows and coffee table books. Furiously trying to become a foodie, her latest addition to the plate was crunchy red ant chutney in Chhattisgarh!

She blogs at, though infrequently updated.


The HT Personal Connect: 

I got to know Supriya as a friend’s friend, and then as an employer when I did a freelance project for the travel company she worked with. Supriya is someone I look up to as a traveller and writer. She has grown from strength to strength, showing a great amount of determination and perseverance. She quit her job to be a 24/7 travel junkie years ago, way before it became cool and hasn’t looked back! She has a great eye for stories; catching that unusual angle, a perspective that some of us might just walk by… and you’ll see it in all her stories. I think that is one of the differentiating factors from a good travel writer and a great one!

So, to all you storytellers, observe everything around you with an unquenchable thirst, soak in the experience, and you’ll come back with richer stories.


Photos supplied by Supriya Sehgal.


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