Welcome 2015 Without Moving an Inch (Well Almost!)

It’s that time of year when parties and travelling become the mainstay of all conversation. Many of you will have your plans set in stone. Maybe it’s a party at Ibiza, or a sparkling New Year’s Eve by a bonfire or plans to dance away the night (and all those broken resolutions) at that hip discotheque in your city. If you haven’t planned anything as yet, and feel like you’ve missed the bus. Or if you just don’t feel like stirring out this New Year’s then this article is specially written for you. We at Happy -Tripping did the ground word to give you a curated list of ways to welcome 2015, without moving out of the comfort of your home!


Set up a movie marathon: Grab a friend, get the beer and popcorn out, get onto your favourite couch and catch up on all those movies you didn’t during the year. If you already have an exhaustive, and exhausting list of movies to watch, go for it. If not, head to IMdb, search for the best movies. Else, we’ve made it easier for you; here is our recommended list of movies.

Leave the Earth with Interstellar; grow up with Boyhood; get back to the building blocks of fun with The Lego Movie; or see how fast love can get creepy in Gone Girl; solve a funny murder mystery at The Grand Budapest Hotel; learn about travel and healing in Wild; get inspired and get original after watching Chef; watch Wolverine go back in time to save planet earth in X-Men-Days of Future Past, get serious with racism in Dear White People and lastly, end with Kangana charming her way into your heart with Queen!


Gamble away the night: Not literally, card games are for Diwali. Dust off the board-games that have been locked in the closet for years, stock up on snacks, set up the bar and call your friends over. Each time you roll the dice, you get closer to the New Year. Up the ante by adding real money, or just make it a drinking game—there are tons of those online.

Here are some board games we recommend to pump up the competitive spirit. Make money while you stroll through London, or the US, in Monopoly. Or, come up with the dirtiest and funniest jokes in Cards Against Humanity. Test your body’s limits in Twister, or get back to basics and draw in Pictionary. Or, better yet, play Taboo and get totally tongue-tied!

Image: askaboutsports.com


Cook! (And EAT!!): Ever wanted to cook like a MasterChef? Sure you have, but either you got the wrong ingredients, or the cost of the right ones brings you back to good ol’ dal chawal? In that case, you should try iChef, this company is based in Mumbai and they offer six new recipes every two weeks. Are you saying so what? The twist is they deliver the ingredients with the recipe, and you are the chef for the night. Each order is a meal for two. You get authentic ingredients at a very reasonable price. If you have more people over, you can always order more units. So, don your chef’s hat and let’s get chopping.

Alternatively, host a RTW potluck: You’ve always wanted to go on a Round the World (RTW) trip. Do it right in your house. Host a potluck meal with a twist. Each person brings something from a different world cuisine. Voila! That’s the RTW trip on your plate! (And in your house)

Image: WallPas.comDelicious-Grill-Food-Wallpapers


Or if you want to be grander, create a magical experience for that special someone. Bring home the world! Is there a place someone you care about has wanted to go to but hasn’t? Recreate the magic of that place, city or country in your house. Decorate to make it look like the city—get creative! Cook up the local dishes, order the alcohol of that place and ensure the a strict dress-code. Get the ambience right by playing the music of the renowned bands from that city, country too. If you have kids, you can make it a Hogwarts New Year Party! Isn’t sharing happiness the perfect way to welcome the New Year?


If you don’t like any of these ideas, well, we have one more for you! Log a trip in our Happy Tripping RARE contest, and win a two nights all-expenses* paid holiday, at a luxury hotel in India. With nothing to lose, you should give it a shot!


It has been a great year and there is another one coming up for all of us happy trippers to explore more, travel further and come back with even more stories to share. Here’s saying goodbye to 2014, and opening our arms wide to usher in 2015.



*Conditions apply. Read offer document.

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