StoryScapes—A Feast of Stories!

Hello and a warm welcome to the Happy Tripping Magazine, our new offering! We thought through what we were going to offer in this travel magazine. In all those conversations and emails, I found myself revisiting my travels. What did I remember? What do you remember from a holiday?


That smiling waiter who rattled off all the dishes served at break-neck speed, and that little girl who played Hide-n-Seek with me but refused to speak even a word. The guide telling me about Shahjahan gazing at the reflection of the Taj Mahal when he was imprisoned at Agra Fort. Or four of us vegetarians chomping through a packet of bacon-flavoured chips and then freaking out! I kept flitting in and out of memories. It wasn’t the numerous photographs I thought about, or the places ticked off my never-ending bucket list, or that chart which says I’ve visited 150 cities in the world or any other stats for that matter. I only thought about the places, the people, the food, the culture and all those numerous experiences that were stored deep in me. Experiences that will linger in my memory always and forever. Stories that made me carry a bit of that place in my heart. We are all collectors, and isn’t travel about all that we hoard? The Happy Tripping Magazine is going to pull out all those stories, those souvenirs, and present them to you, to enjoy vicariously.


Happy Tripping proudly presents our inaugural magazine themed: “StoryScapes—A Feast of Stories.” This month we’ll give you front seats at a Bhutanese dance bar, search for rules in a hotel, learn a Tibetan song, meet quirky hosts of some the best homestays in India and take a stroll through Khajuraho. We will look to books and movies for some armchair travel during the holidays. And of course, will make you salivate over some food tales. It promises to be a month of memories that will warm your heart and bring a smile to your lips. 


We’ll have something new for you every second day. I do hope you’ll stay with us on this journey, stick around even when we stumble and help us stay afloat with your attention, comments and love. If you have any feedback or ideas write in to notbhavani @ gmail dot com… I’m waiting!


Before I leave, here is something you just must not miss. The Happy Tripping RARE Contest promises three winners a trip to a luxury hotel in India. Winning is really simple. Head to and log your fantabulous trip. Add those photos, all the minute details that made it happen and then sit tight. If you are one of the top entries you could win a 2 nights and 3 days all expenses paid trip. Read more about the contest here and log your entry before 15th January 2015. 


Welcome to the Happy Tripping Magazine. Let’s travel—one story at a time! Hope to catch you here often.


bhavani bhutan






एकम्—This is the first issue of the magazine and we decided to go back in time. Ekam means ‘one’ in Sanskrit; it is very close to ‘ek’ in Hindi. Sanskrit is a classical Indic language and is believed to be the oldest languages known to man. ‘Sansrkit’ the word means refined or sanctified. It was considered to be a ‘DevBhasha’ or language of the Gods. This language is termed as an extinct language as there are no speakers. Though this article by BBC begs to differ. The Central Government is looking for ways to prevent this language from going extinct. Join the debate online. 

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