Take This Test to Compare Travel Styles!

Happy Tripping and RARE have come together to give you an opportunity to win a free trip to a luxury hotel across India. You might already know all about the contest but if not, do read more here. It is tough to write for judges you don’t know much about, especially when it comes to their travel styles. Imagine if you get it all wrong! We at Happy Tripping wanted to help. So we sent out a bunch of questions to the judges, compiled their answers and are sharing that knowledge with you, right here. But before that, maybe you’d want to test yourself to know your travel style!


This is our list of questions. Answer – score – compare. 

  1. Your travel preference: Solo or group?
  2. Your travel style: Planned travel or impulsive?
  3. And GPS enabled or google-less?
  4. One city you cannot get enough of: Paris, Berlin or NYC or name another?
  5. One activity when you travel: Museums, restaurants or shopping?
  6. Entertainment in a city: Shopping or Pub-hopping?
  7. What’s your action quotient: Adventure trip or cultural discovery?
  8. Preferred mode of transport: Walking, metro or a taxi?
  9. Which water body: Backwaters of Kerala, Lakes of Kumaon or the sea at Andaman?
  10. Choose your poison: Chai or coffee?
  11. One travel device you can re-charge: music device or camera?
  12. Getting there: fly, train, bus or drive?
  13. Favourite destination: wildlife sanctuaries or cities or heritage sites?
  14. Are you a mountain person or a beach person?
  15. Ideal New Year’s Eve: party-sharty, relaxing by a fire in an outdoor camp or spending time with your family at home?
  16. Choose your allegiance: Mumbai or Delhi? (We need to know where your loyalties lie!)



For each right answer give yourself one point if your answer tallies with any one judge, if all three then give yourself 3 points.
Now, total your score!
Maximum that can be scored—48
Minimum—errr… need we spell that out?

Scoring Patterns final


Click here for the judges answers.


Once you’ve got your score, craft your tale and pitch it. May the best ‘copier’ win*! (Ahmmm ahmmm…) Don’t forget to tell us your score with a tweet @HappyTripping or on Facebook


*This is purely for fun. It has no holding on the final results.


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