The Storyteller Has Been Unleashed!

Happy Tripping was launched with the sole objective of getting travellers to talk about their voyages and discoveries. We launched with a bang, with the Happy Tripping Travel Contest last month!


The team had a few bets on the number of entries we would receive. Even the most optimistic number was way short of what you, each of you writers and storytellers, have gifted us. We surpassed that number by a happy margin and went grinning to bed when the competition shut last night. We thank each of you for that.


We’ve received entries from the USA to far away Australia. We had writers who brought the picture alive with their words, others who charmed with their photographs. With each of you, we’ve journeyed from Nevada to the blue seas of Andaman, we climbed up the Himalayan Range, dropped into Vietnam, checked out cherry blossoms and we also marvelled at the turtle hatchlings. We had calm relaxing holidays, ones filled with culture and heritage, and tagged along with adventure travellers who got our adrenaline pumping with their dare-devil tales. We’ve traversed more places during the short duration of this competition than what we have in our entire lifetime. And are feeling awed by the splendour in the Earth, all over again! We are also excited by the journey that community travel on Happy Tripping has in store for everyone.


The contest has come to a close. We at Happy Tripping want to thank you once again for your support. The judges are now munching over the entries with some hot chai and biscuits. The winners will be announced by the 20th January.

Watch this space!

The contest might be over, but the travel continued. Keep you trips coming, keep your stories alive, and keep taking us places with your logs. Keep the magic alive. Happy Tripping folks!


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