And The Winners of the Happy Tripping & Rare Contest Are…

It was a great contest that got so many of you on board, logging your trips and telling us your experiences. Choosing the winners was not an easy task and when we totalled the scores given by our three judges—Dilip, Chhavi and Supriya—we realised how very close it was.


So to all the participants:
Thank you for participating and joining us on this journey. It might be disappointing that your name is not in the top three, but fret not, there is another contest launching in a few days time, and you can try your luck in that. Watch this space to know more.


To the judges:
We value your time and effort. You took the time to read each entry and even give your comments on them, along with the marks. Our heartfelt thanks to you for helping us make this a very fair and un-biased judgement.


To the winners:
The top entry is… (drum roll) Sriparna Ghosh!


Congratulations for her winning entry on Zanskar. Read it here. Dilip felt it was heartfelt and realistic, though Supriya docked a few points as the costs should have been covered. But anyway no worries as she was the unanimous winner!


The First and Second Runners up was a close call, and ultimately the popularity of those posts were also taken into account.


Urja Ketkar is the First Runner Up for her tale on food and wine at Nashik. Read more here. The judges liked her tale, though Dilip felt it ‘could have been a little less gushing.’ We at Happy Tripping are sure glad to have a foodie on board.


Ankita Shreeram takes us to Paris, drops by London, Bath and other points of interest in Great Britain. Read her winning entry here. Two judges really liked her article, and Dilip said, “I liked the air of the novice, it comes through and it works well.”


The scores are given below.


winners of rare.001


Once again thank you all for joining us on this contest. There are more contests coming up, bag full of stories and trips of funs! Happy Tripping everyone.

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