Share your Airbnb experience and Belong Anywhere !

CONTEST ALERT: Six entries stand chance to win Airbnb vouchers worth Rs 25,000 each!

Happy Tripping brings you another contest to get you current holiday pay for your next in partnership with Airbnb. All you need to do is share your Airbnb experience and you could be one of the six lucky winners who goes off on another holiday. Log your Airbnb experience with photographs taken by you on It can be a weekend getaway, a weeklong escape or an annual vacation. You could have travelled anywhere-across India or even overseas. The only caveat—you need to have stayed at an Airbnb property.


Four steps to participate in the contest:

  • Log a trip on and publish it by 27th March 2015.
  • Add the hyperlink of the Airbnb property you stayed at.
  • Share it on Twitter and/or Facebook with @Airbnb_in @happytripping
  • Add your referral code while sharing the trip available on the Airbnb Invite friends page . If anybody registers with your referral code , both of you get Rs 1500 credit. Win win situation for all!

There will be six winning entries chosen by the team of Happy Tripping and Airbnb. Each winner will get Airbnb vouchers worth INR 25,000. Judges decision will be final and will be communicated here and on Facebook.


How the contest works:

  • 5 prizes will be based on content and inspirational value:

–  WOW factor—does it inspire people to travel?

–  Detailing & research—is it actionable?

  • 1 popular choice prize: Most popular (by the number of likes on
  • The trip can be to any place and for any duration, but has to include an Airbnb stay.
  • Choose any one of our templates—blog or a photo-essay.
  • The contest is open for Indian Residents only.
  • Check out the following examples:


Timelines (Subject to change depending on circumstances):

  • 26th February 2015: Contest opens
  • 27th March 2015  : 4th April: Entries close
  • 31st March 2015:  6th April: Winners to be announced


Stop dreaming, sign up now and log your trip. And “Belong Anywhere”! 


Hint :- Check out the winners of last contest here


Terms and Conditions for participation in the contest:

  1. This contest is being conducted by Happy Tripping Network Pvt. Ltd.(“ HT”). Terms of Usage will apply.
  2. By registering for the said Contest and/or sharing the posts/tweets, the Participant(s) is deemed to have accepted the terms hereof and agrees that the same shall be binding upon him unconditionally. The winner is deemed to have read these terms and conditions and is deemed to have understood the same.
  3. Each Airbnb coupon (each a “prize”) is for use on the Airbnb platform, which can be applied only towards a single booking of a Airbnb listing. This booking must be completed (including host acceptance) by 11.59pm on August 31, 2015 Singapore time, and the corresponding stay must be completed by November 30, 2015.
  4. The prizes may not be redeemed for cash, in whole or part, exchanged for any other item or transferred to any other person.   Each winner is responsible for possessing all necessary ID, visa and other documents required for travel.
  5. Each winner’s use of the Airbnb coupon is subject to the Terms applicable to the Airbnb coupons
  6. If a winner cancels or shortens his/her stay at the Airbnb property, he/she will not be entitled to any refund on the whole or any part of the cost of the stay.
  7. Any other costs incurred by the winners aside from the prize shall be borne solely by the winners and HT and Airbnb shall not be liable.
  8. HT and Airbnb do not take responsibility for failure to avail the prize due to inaccurate information provided by the participant.
  9. All the taxes on the prize shall be borne by the winner/s alone and HT and Airbnb shall not be liable to pay the same.
  10. HT reserves the right to replace any winner/s if he/she is disqualified by HT and/or does not acknowledge its prize within one week of declaration thereof by HT.
  11. The Prize/s are Non-refundable, Non-Transferable and not exchangeable for cash, credit and/or kind either in part or in full except at the sole and absolute discretion of HT and Airbnb and no alternate Prize shall be available. The Prize/s cannot be sold or bartered in any manner whatsoever.
  12. HT may amend, suspend, withdraw, cancel or re-set the Contest for any reason whatsoever at its sole discretion and at any time.
  13. HT’s decision in relation to all matters affecting the said Contest is final, conclusive and binding on all participants and no correspondence whatsoever in that regards shall be entertained and HT’s decision in relation to all matters affecting the Contest cannot be contested and/or challenged in any forum or before any authority whatsoever.
  14. HT reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to disqualify any individual found to be tampering with the participation process or the operation of the said Contest or the said website / weblink, to be in violation of the Conditions of Access of the said website / Weblink, or to be acting in violation of the Information Technology Act or any other law or regulation.
  15. HT reserves its right to pursue legal action against any individual believed to have undertaken fraudulent activities or other activities harmful to this Contest or the said website / weblink.
  16. HT and Airbnb shall not be liable if any participants or contestants are not able to access the said websites or weblink for any reasons whatsoever.
  17. The Participant(s) agrees to provide complete and correct information in respect of his/her identity, contact details etc. The information so provided is deemed to be voluntarily supplied during the course of your participation in the above Contest and /or personal information provided by the winner/s as non-confidential, which hereby discharges all obligations of confidentiality. HT and Airbnb shall be free to reproduce, use, disclose and distribute the information to third parties without limitation.
  18. The Participant(s) must ensure that the information provided is authentic and accurate, and shall not contain any unauthorized third-party information. The Participant(s) who provide inaccurate and incorrect information shall be solely responsible for any losses and damages suffered by HT and Airbnb and/or its representatives and/or any third party. The Participant(s) shall be disqualified if the information provided is false, inaccurate and incorrect. HT and Airbnb are not liable in any manner whatsoever for the failure of prize notification to winners due to inaccurate and incorrect information.
  19. The Participant(s) hereby indemnify and keep indemnified HT and Airbnb saved and harmless against all claims made by any parties whomsoever and demands made by any authorities whomsoever for any submissions made on Facebook/Twitter which are derogatory/ defamatory/ obscene in nature.
  20. HT and Airbnb accept no liability for any errors or omissions, whether on behalf of itself, its representatives or any third parties.
  21. Each individual can be granted only one contest prize each.
  22. Anyone can send an entry. More than one entry is welcome.
  23. Judges’ decision is final.
  24. For any contest related query, contact us at
  25. License. By entering the Contest, each Participant grants HT and its parents, subsidiaries and affiliates, and and Airbnb India Private Limited, its parents, subsidiaries and affiliates (Airbnb), a perpetual (or for the term of the protection granted by the relevant intellectual property rights), worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free license to transform, edit, modify, use and reproduce, distribute, transmit, publish, broadcast, publicly perform, publicly display, communicate to the public or otherwise use the Participant’s entry, photos, images, material or other information posted, published or otherwise made available for the Contest, for promotional or any other purposes, or on or in relation to and related sites and mobile apps. To the greatest extent permitted by law, Participants agree not to invoke any so-called moral rights in relation to their entries (including without limitation the right to be identified as the creator of the work and the right to object to derogatory treatment of the work).
  26. Prize Conditions. The prizes are provided as-is with no warranty or guarantee. All applicable laws and regulations apply, including but not limited to tax laws.  Each winner is solely responsible and liable for any and all tax obligations arising from the award of a prize to him/her.  Where and to the extent permitted by law, HT or Airbnb may require each winner and his/her companion to sign and return an affidavit of eligibility, a liability release and a publicity release and undertaking permitting HT or Airbnb to use the winner’s and his/her companion’s names and images and requiring the winner and his/her companion to participate in promotional activities relating to the Contest, the prize and/or their trip using the prize, including posting update(s) about their travel experience on the Airbnb Facebook page or any other social media platform or account as directed by HT or Airbnb.  In Airbnb’s sole discretion, refusal or inability to sign and return such forms within two (2) days of notification may result in disqualification. Each winner’s and his/her companion’s use of the Airbnb coupon and subsequent stay at the Airbnb listing is subject to the Terms of Service applicable to the Airbnb platform, available at If a winner cancels or shortens his/her stay at the Airbnb listing, he/she will not be entitled to any refund on the whole or any part of the value of the Airbnb coupon.  Airbnb reserves the right to any remedy, including withdrawal, denial or cancellation of any prize, if fraud, tampering or other violations of these Contest terms and conditions are suspected.



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