Top treehouses in India

Tree houses offer nature lovers an opportunity to stay in the wild in style. Birds for neighbors and views to admire are always on offer. Happy tripping team has scoured the web to bring you the best of the treehouses that India has to offer. So what are you waiting for, pick your tree house, escape the city chaos and learn the language of the birds and do let us know, which one is your favourite. 


1) Tree House Hideaway – Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh

Among India’s finest wildlife reserves Bandhavgarh is famous for its dense jungle and amazing tiger sightings. Tree house Hideaway has 5 exclusive tree houses made offering a peaceful, comfortable stay at the heart of Indian wilderness.

The best part is the vantage location for Wild animal sighting from the safety and comfort of your room.

Best for : Wildlife Lovers



2) Tree House Resort – Jaipur , Rajasthan

With magnificent view of the Aravallis , these tree houses are perched on keekar trees. The spacious rooms have live branches running through them.If and when you are bored of nature , Tree House Jaipur provides Jaipur city sightseeing , elephant rides, camel and jungle safaris, cycling and bird watching.

Best for : Experiencing Jaipur’s history culture with a dose of mother nature /Weekend getaway from Delhi.



3) The Machan – Lonavala , Maharashtra

Machan is located in Jambulne which is one of 25 biological hotspots of the world.Its proximity to Mumbai and Pune make it a perfect weekend break from the concrete jungle .The tree houses are built on fig trees at a height of 45ft and promise incredible views even from the comfort of your cozy bed.

Hiking trails on private paths , birding and star gazing are among the activities one can do here.

Best for : Hiking trails & Birdwatching /Weekend getaway from Pune & Mumbai.



4) Vythri Resort – Wayanad , Kerala

Built by indigenous tribals , the tree houses in Vythiri are at a height of 50-70 ft above the ground. The resort has 4 tree houses spread across either bank of a gushing river that runs through the 150 acre property.

The resort is a perfect jungle retreat. Activities include treks to tropical rainforest , bird watching, trips to waterfall in the vicinity, plantation tours etc.

Best for : Nature lovers , Bird watching , relaxation.


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5) Rainforest Boutique Athirapally, Kerala

Rainforest, is nestled amidst woods with a fantastic view of the majestic Athirapally falls. One can sit at the balcony for hours and enjoy the view.The roaring sounds of these falls, mist over the rushing water and the natural beauty all around will surely steal your heart away. Read more

Best for : Athirapally falls



6) Tranquil Resort-Plantation Hideaway – Wayanad, Kerala

This 400 acre private coffee and spices plantation is nestled within lush rainforest of Wayanad. The 2 luxury Tree Houses are placed at a height of 35 feet from the ground level.During your stay you can also go for bird watching, tranquil walks and enjoy in swimming pool.

For those looking for a relaxed holiday , you can pamper yourself with Ayurveda massages and unwind in the smell of coffee, cardamom and varied spices of the plantation.

Best For : Relaxation and natural beauty.



7) Safariland Tree House Resort, Masinagudi

Safari land is The Family home of big game expert and National champion – Nawab Shafath Ali Khan. The 6 Rustic bamboo Treehouses provide a base for groups wishing to visit the region with it’s amazing wildlife viewing opportunities.

The elephant rehabilitation sanctuary and elephant nursery are nearby, here you will often see orphaned baby elephants being cared for.

Best for :Wildlife

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8) The Misty Tree House, Munnar

Misty Munnar Tree House is located at Chinnakkanal in Munnar. This tree house gives a panoramic view of the breathtakingly picturesque Munnar together with its pristine valleys, mountains, large area of tea plantations as well as the wild life sanctuary.

The 10 Tree houses instructed using natural materials were earlier utilized by tribals in forests of Kerala. Sit-out of these tree houses will provide a scenic view of the jungle as well as its surrounding. Tree House is the perfect location to stay if tourists are planning to experience a nature friendly trip on Kerala tours.

Best for : Nature lovers


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9) The Porcupine Castle – Coorg, Karnataka

Stay in a treehouse in the lush green landscape of Coorg . The tree house is perched on 40 ft high Black Current Tree overlooking a 300 acre coffee plantation surrounded by rolling hills and valleys.

When not enjoying your tree house , take a plantation tour, go hiking, ride the rapids or experience the thrill of Ultra Light Flying over the hills in Coorg.

Best for : Weekend getaway from Bangalore




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