Tripigator: The Incredible Indian Travel App.

“Be a traveler, not a tourist” claims the app, the official travel itinerary and planning app of Incredible India, the tourism board of our country. Launched by 3 graduates from IIT Kharagpur, this app, Tripigator is India’s premier instant trip planning companion. It is available as a web-app here, or you can download the mobile app for your Android smartphone, here

And finally, here is our take on the app, what makes it tick, and what doesn’t. The author spent lots of time on the app, and here is his take:ed


The Incredible Bits

  • The Interface: Tripigator has a brilliant interface, everything right where you need it. And the lack of options makes it simple to use too, you can either plan a trip or explore places through your phone. The smooth and filtered finish is also commendable.


  • The Ease of use: This app is really easy to use, we credit that to the interface, but also the simple “flow” that the app has, for instance, an image which shows you your trip route, inclusive of universal symbols of modes of transport, arrival time, etc. Put simply, it communicates everything in a very simple manner, on one screen. The activities, food, health and ATM options are helpful too, using the near me now feature eliminates the need for another app. All your travel related problems, tackled with this incredible app.


  • The first app that is India-focused: If you rely on travel apps, to act as guides, you’d be using apps like TripOso made by data curated by foreigners; tripigator is an Indian app, centric to Indian, domestic travel and most importantly, it has data curated by people who think and act like us. The world is becomingly increasingly interconnected and small, but there’s hardly anyone other than an Indian who can understand the chaotic beauty of the country.




The app is still getting polished, updated and but is in working mode, currently it’s only available for Android smartphones and while they work out the errors, we should point them out.


The Not-So-Incredible Bits

  • The “Near-me-now” search results: The search results are not accurate, and by that I mean, the results are nowhere near you. I was casually exploring the app at home, and I looked for ATMs near me, I am aware that there is one less than a 100 metres away from me, but the app directed me 3 kilometres away. Other results also went on to prove that their listings are few in number. It’s a good feature to have, but maybe when the app is in full throttle.


  • Photoshopped photos of the places: So in the explore tab, I happened to pick New Delhi, the place I belong to, and I was glancing through the photos only to realise the noisy, messy city looks nothing like reality in the app. The app shows perfect photographs of the place, clean, organised and I think it just sent me the wrong message, like it was a marketing takeover and I’d rather stick to TripAdvisor for genuine images.


  • It doesn’t do justice to it’s motto: The app is, in my opinion, for tourists, and not travelers. One may say it’s a harsh judgement, but I’d justify it by saying that travelers venture through undocumented lands, are more for the journey than the destination, and the thrill that comes with it. This app’s listings only has hot “tourist” spots and moreover, doesn’t a well planned itinerary kill the spirit of adventure, at least in part?


All said and done, you should put this on your phone and wait for it to get better, soon enough you’ll be using this app for all your domestic travel.


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